Health4 For Employers

We all know that neither the level nor the trajectory of health care spending is sustainable. Health4 is doing something about it. We are focused on:

  • Replacing fragmented care with coordinated care
  • Aligning incentives and behaviors for health living

Most importantly, we know what the ultimate goal is: higher quality of care, enhanced patient experiences, better health outcomes and reduced growth in health care spending.

Health4 aligns incentives by integrating the network of physicians, hospitals and payers to make care more affordable for employers, government entities and patients, and engaging everyone in those efforts. Health4 is made up of OhioHealth facilities and a growing number of MGO physicians, approximately 2,000 strong, covering 34 counties in Ohio.

Health4 is contracted with more commercial payers and employers than any other clinically integrated network in Ohio caring for over 160,000 people.

You can access Health4 a few different ways. You can directly work with Health4 like Meijer and OhioHealth have or if you have employer sponsored insurance plan from one of these payers your employees who receive their care from OhioHealth hospitals and MGO physicians can work with Health4 and benefit from its innovative programs, including:

  • Access to Convenient Primary Care and Specialty Care
  • Embedded care managers within select Health4 practices to increase patient engagement with preventative screenings and management of chronic disease
  • Reduction of emergency room visits. Health4 manages over-utilization of improper emergency room visits through data analysis and individual patient coaching
  • Assistance in creating tailored employee prevention and wellness programs that directly align your benefit structure and with care being coordinated by Health4 physicians

Health4 is an investment in a care delivery model designed to address today's challenges and health care's future direction. Contact us to schedule an individualized assessment of how Health4 can assist your specific needs.

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