Why Health4 is Different

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A routine preventive visit saved her life. Hear the story in her own words.


A lot of people are talking about the need to focus on "value" in health care and in the same breath they talk about "clinical integration" as a strategy. That's what we're talking about too but the difference is we're doing more than just talking about it; we're doing it! And we're seeing positive results.

Our success is directly related to two factors: we have everyone at the table and we are all focused on the same thing: improving quality, achieving better outcomes and reducing cost. It is physicians and healthcare providers working with payers and individuals to achieve these goals.

How is Health4 doing this? By:

  • Focusing on care coordination
  • Providing information and data to facilitate and reward preventive care and wellness
  • Developing programs to treat populations of patients to manage chronic disease
  • Deploying evidence-based clinical guidelines

No other health system or physician network in central Ohio cam claim this accomplishment.

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